Rockhopper Penguins

Just a short flight from Stanley is an accessible Rockhopper Penguin colony, the smallest of the Falklands Penguins but the one with the most attitude.

Please note that these guys have so much attitude that the chicks go to see in early February so we are unable to take any more bookings for this tour after 10th February.

Rockhopper Penguins and chick

Your experience will start when you are collected from your landing point in Stanley and driven to Stanley Airport just 10 minutes away.  As you depart from Stanley Airport you will have views of your ship and the colours of Stanley, the southernmost capital city in the world.

After landing your guide will meet you for the short walk to the colony. The Rockhoppers may be small but they make plenty of noise as they greet their mate and chicks or squabble with their neighbours. If you have never encountered penguins before (and even if you have) you will be enchanted by these fantastic fearless birds.  While the countryside code states that you must not approach closer than 6m (20ft) providing you are quiet you may find this impossible to maintain as curious birds come to check you out.

At all times during your trip it is worth keeping a watchful eye seawards as from December onwards there is a good chance of distant views of passing Fin and Sei whales as these huge animals (once persecuted) continue their recovery in the Southern Ocean. Later in the summer you may be lucky to see Southern Right whales close to the shore.

Your guide will be available for any questions and personal photograph opportunities you may desire.  You will be able to experience and enjoy this wonderful location for about an hour before your return flight and still have plenty of time to explore Stanley.

Excursion details:

Duration – up to 2 hours including approximately one hour with the Rockhoppers.

Moderate activity – distances are relatively short over undulating grassland and rocks.

Footwear – hiking boots are ideal

Clothing – as with any outdoor activity in the Falklands take some warm windproof layers. The weather can often be very changeable, even in mid summer the temperature can be anywhere between 5º and 25º Celsius. There is almost always a cool breeze blowing. Hats, gloves and scarves are advisable to have with you although they do need to be secure in your bag when near the helicopter.

Weight limit – unfortunately due to the nature of transport there is an individual weight limit of 120kgs/265lbs and a backpack limit of 5kgs/11lbs.  If your bag is too large for the aircraft it will be possible to leave it securely with the company representative.